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Welcome to the community!

This is the official welcoming post to michaelgandolfi! If you are a fan of Michael, you'll love the community because it's all Michael, all the time! Yay!

In celebration of Paris Fashion Week, I give to you the Gucci runway from just a few weeks ago, which Michael opened with astounding success. I bet those guys wish they had casted him sooner! ;)

PS. If you're wondering the deal with "Lord Ichamel" and his army, I blame eyrai and llaynicorn. We were messing around and got on to the topic of babyninjamichaels and Lord Voldemort=Lord Ichamel=Michael and... yeah. I'm not quite sure what we were smoking that night. XD

PPS. Please make sure to take a look at our user info for the rules and linking buttons. Promote! The more the merrier!
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